Winterberry Holly


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Paprika Dusted Shrimp Caviar Barquette
Black Brioche Bun Filled with Smoked Salmon & Chives Cream
Falafel Bite
Smoked Duck in Forest Berry Vinaigrette, Spoon Nibble
Savory Muffins with Herbed Feta Frosting
Chicken Waffle
Guinness Beef & Bacon Burger
Mozzarella Crunch, Tomato Salsa
Chilli Con Carne
Glazed Pork on Plum Noodles
Crab Farci in Shell
Indian Onion Bhaji
Peppered Beef Skewer, Pepper Sauce
Gourmet Pastizzi
Fresh Salmon Skewer, Garlic Mayo
Crispy Asian Delights, Soy Sauce

Mini Christmas Cake
Blueberry Panna Cotta

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