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Product Description

Curried Macaroons with Rabbit Mousse (M)
Club Sandwiches (V) / (M)
Falafel Bites with Feta Cheese Frosting (V)
Smoked Salmon & Dill Crepes (F)

Camembert Doughnuts with Cranberry Sauce (V)
Chicken Mango Savoury Croissants (M)
Fillet of Beef Wellington (M)
Fish Fillet in Multigrain Bun (F)
Mushroom Criss Cross Pastries (V)

Decorative Doughnuts
French Macaroons
Themed Fairy Cup Cakes

Minimum Qty 12
Euro 16.75 each
(V) – Vegetarian     (M) – Meat     (F) – Fish